I love stories. I have ideas. This is where they come together on a page. Samples available on request.


  • “Path of Strangers” second draft in development 2008-10 mystery drama
  • “You to Cherish” unproduced 2002 period drama


Short fiction

Online / multimedia

  • “The Covers” 2008 Treatment for online drama series submitted to Kapow! Pictures, Wales
  • Bebo leads the way for web-based TV published Inside Film magazine, Australia, April 2008
  • “Between the Flags” 1999 Educational multimedia Winner ‘Best Community Title’ AIMIA Awards, Australia, 1999

Childrens fiction

Other filmmaking

  • “The Last Scout” associate producer drama Press On Features UK 2014
  • The Last Seven script reader drama Lucky Strike Productions UK 2008
  • “Shadow Tracer” script reader supernatural drama feature Australia 2008
  • “I am a Great Man” story development political satire submitted to Film London Microwave Initiative Lucky Strike Productions UK 2007

I write film reviews for Brisbanista.