My Big Gay Italian Wedding – Film Review

An audience hit at the 2018 Italian Film Festival, My Big Gay Italian Wedding, makes a slow start towards navigating topical same-sex marriage through a traditional family relationship.

Antonio (Cristiano Caccamo) makes his boyfriend Paolo (Salvatore Esposito) the happiest man when he finally proposes marriage. Paolo is ecstatic although there’s one small little thing that still worries him: Antonio can’t say those 3 little words, ‘I love you.’ It casts the usual doubts. On top of that, Antonio hasn’t come out to his parents. While they aren’t sure about their families reactions, the pair decide to head home to Italy to break the news and plan their big day.

On the eve of their trip, they find a flatmate to take their spare room. Enter Donato (played hilariously by Dino Abbrescia) who has a score of personal issues and believes a full household will protect him from himself. When he learns of their imminent departure, he lobbies the pair to take him with them. Antonio eventually acquiesces and this makes for a potentially amusing setup.

Antonio and Paolo arrive at the village of Civita di Bagnoregio, where Antonio was raised. His mother Anna (Monica Guerritore) is immediately supportive, but they have far to go to convince his father, town mayor Roberto (played by Diego Abatantuono). Anna makes it very difficult for Roberto. She wants the ideal wedding for her son and wants Roberto to officiate. He refuses and is turned out of house and home. Anna has also dictated that Paolo’s estranged mother must also be a part of the ceremony. Her attendance is highly doubtful, which sets Donato off on a course to show his more ‘feminine side’ and trigger an unlikely romance.

Based on the long running off-Broadway play, writer/director Alessandro Genovesi’s version attempts a lot of issues in a most light-hearted way; mostly helped along by its supporting characters of Donato, wedding planner (a comic turn by reality TV host of Wedding Planners, Enzo Miccio) and a Franciscan monk.

My Big Gay Italian Wedding opens nationally Thursday 6 June at participating Palace Cinemas.

3 stars

About My Big Gay Italian Wedding

Directed by: Alessandro Genovesi
Written by: Alessandro Genovesi
Stars: Cristiano Caccamo, Salvatore Esposito, Diego Abatantuono, Dino Abbrescia, Monica Guerritore

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