Red Carpet Burns – optioned

The 2013 memoir of journalist Georgia Cassimatis’ years in LA – Red Carpet Burns – is such an entertaining read of what happens when one leaps into the unknown. Many readers will wish the journey went much, much longer.

Full of complex characters she encountered while on the media beat, Cassimatis’ vignettes weave the highs and struggles of humans everywhere.

“My work as a journalist gave me the perfect excuse to explore all facets of LA and life within this buzzing city. LA’s melting pot of creativity has given me the change to experience the best and worst of ‘celebrity’ culture, enabled me to get access to interview the cream of the acting fraternity, producers, writers, directors, makeup artists, designers, fitness instructors, stylists, nutritionists and chefs. It’s also offered itself as a base from which to explore places far and wide, places I only ever dreamed about – Mexico, Hawaii, New York, San Francisco, Canada, New Zealand, even a tiny boutique island called Bora Bora in French Polynesia…”

Red Carpet Burns by Georgia Cassimatis. Image source: Amazon.The book will resonate with any expat who has been through the churn of questioning where you belong.

I so want to know what happened after she returned home to Australia. There must be another book in this.

The book will find a new audience with television viewers. ‘Red Carpet Burns’ was optioned in 2017 by PJ Pictures.

Get ready and read it first.

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